Welcome to our brand new blog, where we’ll be sharing all of our latest news, views and industry observations with you.

To kick things off, let’s play on with a guest blog from our MD, Warren Ironside:

Hi Guys,
We feel that the current weather situation here in the UK is firmly reflecting our bright outlook at Plastim HQ. This year has been a busy one for Team Plastim, and I’m delighted that our vision for the future is becoming a reality, as we journey through each month.

Plastim was established in 1997, and for the past two decades our reputation and success has been founded on innovation, quality and, above all else, listening to what it is our customers need. We cater for a diverse range of industries, which include but are not limited to: Oil and Gas, Food and Packaging, and Aerospace.

Our growth is in large part due to our investment in technology and our employment of highly skilled personnel. We are able to produce complex CNC machined Components and deliver an excellent level of customer service

We have seen growth across all sectors here at Plastim, and to date we have four new members who have joined the Plastim Family.

We've welcomed Chris in Stock Shapes Sales and Olivia in Machining Sales. We also have Peter in Machining and Kevin in our Warehouse departments as extra branches on our Plastim Family Tree.

We make it a fun and motivational place of work and are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions new customers may have, in order to create and nurture strong customer relationships.

I’m looking forward to us being able to keep you posted with all the latest Plastim developments right here on the blog and wish you a happy week… I hope you manage to enjoy some of this sunshine!

And…. It’s Coming Home! (Had to get that one in there)

Over and Out