Polycarbonate material is formed by a condensation polymerization resulting in a carbon that is bonded to three oxygen atoms. It’s a transparent, strong and stiff thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance.


• High impact strength.
• Low deformation under load.
• Good machining qualities.
• Low CTE.
• Good electrical properties.
• High modulus of elasticity.
• Transparent.


• Easily scratched.
• High processing temperatures are required.
• Degrades upon extended residence time in processing equipment.
• Subject to stress cracking.
• Aromatic sensitivity.
• Resistance to chemicals is only fair.


Applications of polycarbonate are almost always those which take advantage of its uniquely high impact strength and its exceptional clarity.
• Bulletproof windows.
• Break resistance lenses.
• Insulators.
• Guards.
• Covers, handles and rollers.
• Fittings.
• Relay components.

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