Polysulphone PSU




PSU is a semi-crystalline polymer. It’s a material with high mechanical and thermal properties (up to 240°C.). It resists to creep under load and to wear, its friction coefficient is low. The temperature resistance without load is high but it is reduced by the addition of load even if limited.


  • Resistance to high temperature.
  • Resistance to hydrolysis and steam.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Electrical properties.
  • Transparency.


  • The cost is higher than conventional engineering plastics. It doesn’t stand UV rays and is therefore not suitable for outdoor applications.


Mechanical: it is used for high performance applications such as bearings and precision gears at low as well as high temperatures.

Food contact: it is physiologically inert and is therefore used for parts in contact with food, even at high temperature. The excellent chemical properties make it suitable for pump components, flanges, etc. which are in contact with food liquids.

Electrical: the very good insulating and dielectric properties make it irreplaceable in many electrical applications: plates for circuits, coils, insulators.

Chemical: the use in this field is ideal thanks to its high chemical and thermal resistance. Good resistance to mineral acids, alkali and salt solutions. PSU is attacked by esters, chlorine and aromatic hydrocarbons.

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